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Washington Monument

Washington, DC

Saint Aloysius.jpg

Saint Aloysius Church

Washington, DC

National Gallery of Art.jpg

National Gallery of Art

Washington, DC

Constitution Hall.jpg

Constitution Hall

Washington, DC

US Main Treasury Building.jpg

U.S. Main Treasury Building

Washington, DC

Old Post Office.jpg

Old Post Office Pavillion

Washington, DC

National Archives.jpg

National Archives Building

Washington, DC

Bond Building.jpg

Bond Building

Washington, DC

Smithsonian Renwick Gallery.jpg

Smithsonian Renwick Gallery

Washington, DC

National Savings and Trust.jpg

National Savings and Trust

Washington, DC

Memorial Continental Hall.jpg

Memorial Continental Hall

Washington, DC

Ariel Rios.jpg

Ariel Rios Federal Building

Washington, DC

1201 NY Avenue.jpg

1201 New York Avenue

Washington, DC


Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Washington, DC

Hay Adams.jpg

Hay Adams Hotel

Washington, DC

Southern Railway Building.jpg

Southern Railway Building

Washington, DC

2401  Pennsylvania Avenue.jpg

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC

Columbia Plaza.jpg

Columbia Plaza State Department

Washington, DC


International Monetary Fund (IMF) Headquarters Building

Washington, DC

State Department.jpg

U.S. Department of State Building

Washington, DC

Air and Space Museum.jpg

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Washington, DC


GSA Central Headquarters Building

Washington, DC

Kennedy Center.jpg

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Washington, DC

US General Accounting.jpg

GAO Headquarters Building

Washington, DC


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Condominium - Apartment - High Rise

2029 Connecticut.jpg

2029 Connecticut Avenue

Washington, DC

4701 Willard_IMG_6756RT.jpg

4701 Willard Avenue Apartments

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Goodwin House.jpg

Goodwin House Alexandria

Alexandria, Virginia

Van Ness South.jpg

Van Ness South Apartments

Washington, DC

2101 Conn Ave.jpg

2101 Connecticut Avenue

Washington, DC

Alban Towers.jpg

Alban Towers Apartments

Washington, DC

Grovsner Park Condo.jpg

Grosvenor Park Condominium

Rockville, Maryland


The Warwick Apartments

Silver Spring, Maryland

2600 Penn Ave.jpg

2600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC


The Dresden Condominium

Washington, DC

Highland House West_IMG_6720RT.jpg

Highland House West Apartments

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Watergate at Landmark.jpg

Watergate at Landmark

Alexandria, Virginia

Commercial - Institutional

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