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With an emphasis on building exteriors, The Atlantic Company of America, Inc. offers the following services:

Masonry Restoration  [Brick, Stone, Terracotta]  

  • Repointing

  • Brick Reconstruction and Stabilization

  • Brick Replacement

  • Stone Repair and Replacement (Limestone, Marble, Granite, Sandstone)

  • Stone Consolidation

  • Stone Exfoliation/Smoothing

  • Stone Dutchman Repair

  • Stone Spall and Crack Repair

  • Epoxy Repair

  • Terracotta Repair and Replacement

  • Ornamental Terracotta Replication

  • Plaster and Stucco Repair 

  • CMU Reconstruction and Stabilization

  • Custom Color Matching for Joint Mortar and Repair Materials

  • Helical Wall Ties

  • Chemical Wall Anchors

  • Steel Shelf-Angle/Lintel Replacement and Stabilization

  • Cavity Wall Flashing Installation/Replacement

  • Expansion and Control Joints

  • Isolated Stain Removal

  • Chemical and Water Only Cleaning

Concrete Repair

  • Partial and Full Depth Elevated Slab Repair

  • Slab Edge Repair/Reconstruction

  • Balcony Reconstruction and Railings

  • Pre-Stressed Hollow Core Plank Repair

  • New Topping Slabs

  • Epoxy and  Chemical Grout Injection

  • Precast/Cast Stone Repair and Replacement

  • Exposed Aggregate Surface Repair

  • Rout and Seal Repair

Coatings, Sealers and Joint Sealants

  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Deck Coating Systems

  • Mineral Coatings

  • Cementitious Coatings

  • Breathable Masonry Coatings

  • Brick and Concrete Stains

  • Epoxy Paints

  • Acrylic and Alkyd Enamel

  • Isolated Paint Stripping

  • Silane and Siloxane Water Repellents

  • Joint Sealant Replacement

  • Wet Glazing


  • Performance of Existing Condition Surveys

  • Material Testing and Inspection

  • Construction of Material System Prototypes

  • Value Engineering

In addition to and in conjunction with the above in-house services, The Atlantic Company works in close association to an equally qualified team of associate organizations performing door and window restoration, roofing and sheet metal construction, moisture protection and waterproofing, ornamental metal restoration, installation of bird deterrent systems, specialized access and scaffolding systems, and historic art conservation. 

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